Thursday, 31 October 2013

24 hours in the life of a crazy mama

Just to show you I'm not always an irritatingly cheerful ray of sunshine, here's a rundown of my last 24 hours ;)

Wednesday, 8am: Feeling rubbish. The cold that floored everyone yesterday has caught up with me, so while everyone else is back to work/school, I'm tired and ratty. Gotta keep on keeping on though, engage positive mindset :)

Wednesday, 9am: Dropped kids off at school, and am heading back to my car which is parked in a street opposite the school (the school car park is tiny and always full). Am confronted by Angry Resident, who informs me that, despite the fact I'm not blocking anyone's drive and there are no yellow lines, he's "reported me to the police" for using his street (yes, apparently he owns the entire street) as a car park, and that maybe in future I should "get off that lazy arse and walk the kids to school instead of parking in HIS street". He ends this pleasant exchange by letting me know that if I even THINK about parking in HIS street again, he'll be "waiting" for me.
Now. In a better frame of mind, I might have informed him that, unlike 90% of the school parents, I don't live within a decent walking distance, and legally, I have every right to park where I like.
In my tired, frazzled, feeling rubbish frame of mind, however, I mumbled a lot of apologies, got into my car and burst into big snotty tears.

Wednesday, 9.15am: Get home, relay story to my mum, and continue to pour snot and tears everywhere. Never mind, at least I have a new baby group to look forward to starting at 10am, need to get myself ready for that!

Wednesday, 10am: Dammit. Realise that we're waiting for a furniture delivery, and because it hasn't arrived yet, I have to miss the baby group. I'm gutted, because I've been waiting months to start and this was the first day. More tears. Seriously, what is WRONG with me? Maybe I'm hormonal. Maybe it's a full moon? It is nearly Halloween...

Wednesday, 11.30am: Right, that's it. I'm still feeling rubbish so have decided to treat myself to a nap. Off to put Amelie down and snooze beside her, that'll make me feel better...

Wednesday, 11.35am: No such luck. The phone rings, and it's DFS, informing me that the sofa we ordered, which isn't due for 3 weeks, is there now and must be delivered tomorrow. WHAT???
I haven't got rid of my old sofa yet! My carpet is being laid on saturday and the living room needs to be empty. A living room with not one but two sofas in it does not count as empty!
Quick stressful phone conference with husband (who is at work and not really able to talk), where we decide that the only thing we can do is chuck the old sofa in the garden, get the new one delivered into the living room, and then put it into the garden on saturday while the carpet fitter is here. What's the weather forecast for saturday? Rain. Bugger.

Wednesday, 12.30pm: Suddenly realise that we need to pay the full balance of the sofa tomorrow. We don't have enough money in the bank. Luckily, we have enough between several accounts to scrape it together, so I nip onto internet banking to juggle some funds, only to discover that when I changed my password last time, it wasn't confirmed. Old password doesn't work. New password doesn't work. Get completely locked out of internet banking after repeated failed attempts to sign in, because I'm obviously some kind of masked hacker. Baby wakes up, no housework has been done, and no money has been moved. Deep breaths, we have a baby halloween party to look forward to at 2pm, that'll cheer me up!

Wednesday, 2pm: Furniture delivery STILL hasn't arrived, so we have to miss the party. Eat lots of chocolate, which is not dairy free.

Wednesday, 3pm: Furniture arrives, just as I'm on my way out to pick up the kids. Quickly get it chucked into mum's living room and race to school. I'm late of course, the tiny car park is full and I have to park miles away (not literally of course), so as not to incur the wrath of Angry Resident, who may or may not be "waiting" for me. It's raining, blowing a gale and poor Amelie screams all the way to the school. Sigh.

Wednesday, 6pm: Drop Daisy off at school disco. Luckily, Steve arrived home just as we headed out the door, so at least I didn't have to drag Amelie out again! Phew :)

Wednesday, 11pm: After settling the kids and laughing off the disastrous day with Steve, we spend the evening watching TV and cuddling, only to remember as we head upsteair that we need to get the old sofa outside before morning. Cue dragging sofa and armchair outside n the rainy darkness. Make each other laugh with juvenile jokes about what an effort is is to squeeze such a large heavy thing out of one's back door, and how we won't be able to sit down for days...

Thursday, 7am: Daisy starts the day off beautifully with an announcement that she can't go to school (she does this at least once a week). Today, her reason was that she has a sore back. Sure, that's possible, but she can miss gym and still go to school. She insists that i pick gher up during the day and take her to the doctor. She has a real fascination with going to the doctor, ad would go every day if she could. I say no, I can treat her with painkillers, and besides, I have to go to the bank and then wait in for the sofa.
Then she goes right for the jugular..."What's more inportant, your new sofa, or your child's health?"
Ooooooh. Good one. Luckily, thanks to the power of Calpol and the mobile phone, in case of real emergencies, the sofa wins this round.
Of course, I'm riddled with mother guilt - these kids know where my most sensitive guilt buttons are, and will push them at the most effective moment. This moment was perfect, because during this conversation, I'd walked into mum's living room to feed her dogs, and squelched my bare feet into a steaming pile of chihuahua poop.
Nothing adds insult to injury like having your mothering skills questioned by a 7 year old while scraping dogshit off your bare foot...

Thursday, 10am: Having dropped the kids off (explaining to the Head Teacher that Daisy has a sore back and to phone me if there's any problems), successfully transferred money at the bank and gone home to a hot cup of coffee and a lovely baby cuddle, I'm laughing at the previous 24 hours and back to my old happy self.
There's always something, and really, sometimes, you just have to laugh!

Speaking of which, the baby has just woken up, so let the craziness resume....have a good day, and if you don't have a good day, try to see the funny side tomorrow!

Jodie xxxx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's all in the framing

Today, I woke up and it was dark. I could tell before I even moved that it was windy and raining outside, I could hear the weather battering against my window. Bloody hell, why does it have to be so cold and miserable outside?
Although Amelie had not been too unsettled overnight, I'd woken up several times and felt like I just wasn't ready to get up yet. I knew I had to, though, the kids have school and I needed to go to the gym, the dog needed walking, and as always, I have a to-do list as long as my arm. I groaned, and in that moment, I'd have loved to dive back under the covers.
Daisy came bursting in, full of noise and any chance of an extra ten minutes in bed were shattered. It was time to get up, gah.
I always have a million demands on me, pulling me in every direction, and it's hard, and exhausting.

Hold on a minute. This doesn't sound like me! Well, although all of the above is true, my account of it would go like this...

I woke up this morning to the sound of my lovely husband getting ready for work. I smiled at him and said good morning. At the sound of my voice, my baby stirred and smiled at me. My heart filled with love and pride at the sight of her, and the tired feelings I had were shelved as I pulled her close for a morning feed.
My other daughter came bursting through the door and greeted us with her usual excitement. It was time to get up, and enjoy a new day!
Once we were all up and ready, we put on our cosy coats and hats and I took the kids to school, then kick started my day with an energetic workout to set me up for another busy day looking after my family.

Doesn't that sound better?

Autumn has hit us hard here in Aberdeen, and I can already hear people moaning about how "depressing" it is that the mornings and evenings are so much darker, the weather is so much colder, and winter is creeping in. I really think that for the most part, it's up to us whether or not to find this time of year depressing.
I actually think Autumn is my favourite season, a brilliant excuse to wear tights and boots, to make soup and go to bonfires, get excited about Christmas and look at twinkly lights.
Yes, it's cold and I'm not looking forward to scraping my car windows soon, but hey, at least I have a car and don't have to freeze!
I truly think most situations in life can be helped by the right attitude. Most of the time, we have a choice - do I let this situation annoy or upset me, or do I get on with it and find something positive?
I have lots of people telling me they don't know how I cope with three kids, three dogs, three guinea pigs and a cat, when pretty much every minute of the day someone needs something, or there's a mess being made somewhere. My answerr to that is always attitude.
I get grumpy, of course I do, but most of the time I can give myself a shake and remind myself that this is my choice - how am I going to handle it?

Have I been woken up too early, or is this a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunrise?

Is the weather freezing and depressing, or is this a great time to dress my baby in cute wooly onesies?

Is it frustrating that I'm pinned to the sofa by two demanding girls who want attention, or is this a chance to marvel at how adorable they are together?

Am I exhausted after a long day of domestic drudgery, or am I looking forward to lighting the candles and enjoying an evening of cuddles with my husband?

Attitude, people. If there's one thing that'll get us all through a long, cold winter, it's keeping our attitudes nice and sunny. Anf if that makes me sound like a big old hippy, then I'm guilty as charged...

Have a great day!

Jodie xxx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

It's been a while!

It's been HOW LONG since I last updated???
I know, I know, it's been ages! A combination of lack of computer access and lack of time has left this poor wee blog sorely neglected. It stresses me out when I don't update often, because this blog is all about those little everyday moments I want to remember, and if I don't record them there and then, they're lost.
Never mind, I'm back on it now and Amelie is getting herself into a nice little routine, so I must dedicate some time during naps to keep myself up to date.

So! Where are we? Amelie is now 17 weeks old and growing ridiculously fast - look at this for a comparison...

I know, right!!! Can I just say for the record, I am incredibly proud of myself for the fact that I'm still breastfeeding, and when I look at these pictures and know that it's my milk that's kept her going since birth, it makes me feel really chuffed. Breastfeeding was a big demon of mine, and now I adore it, so high five for the boobs! Not literally though, that would hurt...

Anyhoo, as ever, life is still flying by at 100 miles an hour, so until I get a chance to do a lengthy catch up, here's what's been rocking my world in the past month or so...

getting the kids back to school, although they're on holidays again on friday!

getting a teething girl back to sleep by giving her a hand to cuddle

family fun at the bowling alley

taking everyone along for the weekly shopping

spending time chatting together

making time to play

adoring this face

Enjoy life, and try to remember the little moments that make it all worthwhile.

Jodie xxx