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Getting to know me...

I've been tagged by Mungle at Mungleville in the Getting To Know You tag, so here goes!
It's a fab way for us bloggers and our readers to find out more about each other, so here's a post al about me...

Tell us five facts about yourself

1) I'm obsessed with cooking. I read cookbooks like they're mystery novels, and have an almost out of control cookbook collection. Although I don't have the same amount of time these days for leisurely browsing through cookbooks or pottering around trying new recipes, I still cook from scratch every single day, and get very excited about trying a new recipe.

2) I'm waiting to train as a humanist celebrant. Having done loads of different jobs over the years, from office work, to nursing, to being a chef, I've decided that I really want to get involved in Humanism, and would love nothing more than conducting weddings and funerals in a personal, non-religious way. Another new, exciting direction for me!

3) I met my soulmate at the age of 32. It takes a huge amount of courage to admit that you've been living a lie with the wrong person for far too long, but I got out of an unhappy situation and accepted that I'd rather be alone than with someone I didn't love. The leap of faith paid off when I met my now husband, and got that elusive "Fireworks and sparkles" feeling that I'd always wanted but wondered if it even existed. Trust me, it does.

4) I'm trained in Reiki and Angel therapy. Not something that I practice - not professionally, anyway! I have the certificates and could if I wanted to, but it's just not a direction I ever took. I still read angel cards occasionally and have a great belief in signs and divine messages.

5) I have 3 tattoos. One is of butterflies going up my lower back - I got this when I was 18 to signify the change between a child and an adult, because I was really deep back then, maaaan.
One is of the scientific "female" symbol - the cross with a circle on top, only mine has horns and a halo. I got it when I was 21 to say "I'm a woman, with a good side and a bad side"
Man, I was such a wanker.
The third is my favourite, I designed it myself. It's on my left wrist, and is a daisy on the top, because my daughter's name is Daisy, and a sun on the bottom, for Charlie, my son. They're connected by lots of squiggly lines, because although I get pulled in many different directions, I always start and end with my kids.
I still like this one, and need to get more, for Amelie, Steve, and the new baby.

When is your birthday?

My birthday is in August, which means it was always the summer holidays and I never had to be in school on my birthday, yay!

What is your favourite colour?

I'd have to say purple, I have an awesome pair of purple Doc Martens, which I love!

What is your favourite memory?

I have lots of obvious favourite memories, such as marrying Steve and the births of my kids, but some of my other favourite moments involve times when we've all been together as a family, enjoying something simple like a campfire or a sunset. One of my favourite memories is when we went on a camping trip in our van, Doris. It was such a beautiful day and we found a stone circle where the kids got really excited, making up games. I love the fact that we don't need much in the way of money or entertainment, just time together out in nature. We're hippies at heart!

Describe a day in your life

I've done a few "day in the life" posts in the past, but a typical day goes like this;

6am: Get woken up by Amelie, who is standing up in her cot, waving and smiling at us.
7am: Get kids up, showered and breakfasted. Get myself ready and tidy the kitchen.
9am: Take kids to school.
9.30am: Get Amelie down for a nap, do housework.
12noon: Lunch for me and Amelie
1pm: More tidying, play with Amelie, possible catch up with a friend.
2.30pm: Put Amelie in bugy and walk with her and Molly to school.
3.20pm: Pick kids up, walk home.
4.30pm: Afternoon snack for kids, start preparing dinner. More tidying.
5pm: Quick slap of make up, run round with hoover, finish making dinner.
6pm: Steve home, eat dinner, tidy up, take Molly out, homework with kids, shower Amelie.
7.30pm: I settle Amelie while Steve cleans kitchen/living room.
8.30pm: Settle Daisy.
9pm: Remind Charlie that it's bedtime, flop in front of telly with Steve.
10pm: Bed! If I' lucky, Amelie will only wake once, take a uick drink and go back down until 6am. Sometimes however, she's up and down like Jordan's knickers.

Name five of your favourite songs

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen. I'm a massive Queen fan, I wish I could have seen them live.

Can't Help Falling in Love - Eels. I walked down the aisle to this song, and it still makes me cry! If you've never heard Eels' version, find it now!

Perfect - Pink. I adore Pink, and this is my favourite of her songs. It's so powerful, we should all forgive ourselves for our mistakes and love ourselves more.

Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons. "Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free." I remember about a week after I met Steve, I listened to this song and burst into tears when I heard that line. It was exactly how I felt. Until that moment, I'd been afraid of love, because I thought it meant being trapped. I vowed that the next time I saw Steve, I would tell him I was in love with him, and I did.

Bubbles - Biffy Clyro. It just makes me smile every time!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Curry, for sure. I love anything spicy, but especially a good Indian curry. I especially love ones with spinach and chickpeas, like Uttar Pradesh masala.

What is something you really dislike?

I hate it when people make unfair judgements based on someone's sexual preference, colour, age, sex, job....basically, I hate prejudice. Don't judge people based on your own experiences, or assumptions you've made. I like to treat everyone as an individual, and try to understand things from their point of view before making judgements.

Summer or winter?

I'm going to be awkward and say autumn. I love the colours and smells and foods in autumn, it's definitely my favourite time of year.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Hmm, tough one. I loved Amsterdam, because I loved seeing everyone going around on bikes, and I adored the houseboats, but my heart belongs by the sea. I think Brighton. I really felt at home there, because you had the quirky shops and markets, the buzz of a city, and the beautiful beach.

Name 5 of your favourite films

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Erin Brokovich
Despicable Me (both of them)

If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

Definitely a house! I'd sort all my favourite people out with mortgage payments/new houses if I could afford it, and buy a big seaside retreat for us, with a triple garage filled with classic cars for Steve. I'd also donate a lot to charity.

What's your favourite day of the week?

Saturday. Steve is home, the kids are home, and we often go somewhere as a family together. The evenings usually involve curry, cuddles and a scary movie. Perfection.

What three things would you take to a desert island?

My family, cooking knives and a camera.

Sweet or Savoury?

Usually sweet but right now I'm craving savoury - olives, salted Doritos, hummous and cheese.

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely early bird, I can't cope with late nights anymore! I also love a good sunrise :)

Name five of your favourite books

The Red Tent
The Gilded Chamber
The Year of Wonders
The Secret Life of Bees
Simple Abundance

Favourite Drink?

Ginger beer and lime. I'm pretty much tee total these days, and on the rare occasions I've had alcohol in the past few years, I've really not enjoyed it!

Favourite animal?

Definitely dog, they're just happy to be alive. Dogs can teach people a lot about living in the moment.

That's it! I tag...

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